Take your contact centre’s profit to the next level!

The Super Marketing Group collaborates with contact centres worldwide, particularly those specialising in lifestyle surveys, lead generation and outbound sales.

Our unique approach focuses on upselling and cross-selling our exceptional member benefits platforms to a highly receptive UK audience. By leveraging our expertise, we guarantee a substantial volume of sales, resulting in significant incremental revenue for every successful sale.

Why choose The Super Marketing Group as your strategic partner?

Simple; We’ve perfected the art of driving sales. By harnessing the power of our member benefits platforms, we can empower your contact centre to achieve remarkable upselling and cross-selling results.

  • Lucrative Commission Structure: We firmly believe in mutually beneficial partnerships. Therefore, for every successful sale, we offer attractive commission rates, ensuring that your contact centre enjoys substantial financial rewards alongside increased sales volumes.
  • Unrivalled Customer Value: Our platforms provide UK customers with the ability to save thousands of £s on everything they spend money on in their life. Jam packed with top brand retailers, providing exclusive discounts and savings on everything from grocery shopping, dining, and entertainment to travel and experiences.
  • Partner Support: Our team of industry experts will work closely with your contact centre to provide comprehensive guidance, training, and ongoing support. We are dedicated to your success and will assist you every step of the way.

How does it work? It’s easy! Your agents read our 60-second script as an end-of-call offer and fill in a quick form. We take care of the rest and send a commission to you each month! It really is that simple.