Supercard is a powerful gift with purchase offer that is proven to boost sales and customer engagement for major UK brands.

Supercard is the ultimate lifestyle rewards programme jam packed with unlimited repeat use discounts from top supermarket and high street brands, incredible experiences that create unforgettable memories plus an award-winning range of high-value travel options that are exclusive to our members.

When used as a checkout reward for customers making a purchase, Supercard is a highly effective tool for increasing customer loyalty and generating incremental revenue for brands.

The Super Marketing Group is extremely proud to hold relationships with major brand partner clients across a multitude of industry sectors from energy and network providers to insurance and retail.

Take for example a recent campaign that we brought to life for the Boohoo brand during their busiest season, November and December 2022. Boohoo offered Supercard as a gift with purchase offer to their customers, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Boohoo customers jumped at the opportunity to trial a membership and take advantage of the savings and exclusive offers that Supercard provides.

The results of the campaign were extremely impressive. Boohoo saw increased sales, thanks to the appeal of the Supercard offer and via checkout banners and direct email activity created the perfect chance to positively engage with their customer base, boosting loyalty by introducing a rewards membership at a time when customers were likely to appreciate it the most.

Ultimately, the campaign generated significant incremental revenue for the Boohoo brand.

By being committed to continually improving the lives of UK consumers through lifestyle rewards Supercard is perfectly aligned with brand clients from any sector and by offering Supercard as a gift with purchase or checkout reward, brands can encourage customers to make additional purchases and develop an even stronger loyalty to their brand.

To learn more about how Supercard can enhance your customer experience and generate additional revenue for your brand, please contact Will Thomas, Head of Partnerships at The Super Marketing Group.