Did you know that BPO Contact Centres can significantly increase their campaign profitability by simply adding an end of call upsell offer?

We did and here’s why TSMG’s lifestyle rewards products have become the go-to offer for BPO centres worldwide:

In the competitive world of BPO, centres are seeking ways to increase their profitability, keep costs low and deliver something extra special to their customers. One of the most effective strategies is the use of value-add offers. This approach involves training agents to suggest a reward of real value at the conclusion of a call, leveraging the trust and rapport built during the interaction.

TSMGS’s lifestyle reward range immediately talks to the customers needs, allowing them to lead a fun filled lifestyle whilst simultaneously saving money, who doesn’t want that?

Why is this strategy so effective:

  • Increased Revenue Streams – By strategically introducing lifestyle rewards products at the end of customer interactions, centres can significantly boost their revenue without increasing operational costs. This additional revenue adds to the bottom line and contributes to overall profitability.
  • Cost Efficiency – Since the customer is already engaged, the cost of upselling is minimal compared to acquiring a new customer. This makes it a highly cost-effective strategy.
  • Boosting Agent Morale – A successful upselling campaign positively impacts employee morale. Agents who achieve upsell targets may receive incentives or recognition, creating a more motivated and productive workforce. Through TSMG’s detailed training, agents have the opportunity to grow their skillset, allowing them to further their career.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – TSMG’s fantastic value-added discount and reward products align seamlessly with the lifestyles of customers from all demographics on a national level. This equips agents with the ability to enhance every customer interaction by delivering rewards that hold genuine value.

In summary, integrating end-of-call upsell offers into B2C campaigns is a proven and highly effective strategy for BPOs and contact centres to generate incremental revenue while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience.

To discuss your centre joining the TSMG portfolio and taking advantage of the multitude of benefits please contact Will Thomas, Head of Partnerships at [email protected]

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