London, UK, 20th of May 2021The Super Marketing Group a leading supplier of loyalty marketing and subscription solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with global giant TLC Marketing to launch Gala Bingo’s new “Boss Benefits” customer loyalty programme.

“Boss Benefits” is a bespoke rewards programme and online portal designed to increase the retention and loyalty of Gala Bingo players. The loyalty programme provides eligible members with exclusive discounts and benefits across more than 160 retailers, both online and in-store across the UK. TLC Marketing is the first digital-native brand to partner with Gala Bingo, and The Super Marketing Group is proud to power their rewards solution and technology platform.

The Super Marketing Group created a bespoke suite of rewards designed to appeal to the Gala Bingo customer demographic. An extensive network of brand partners enabled The Super Marketing Group to provide high-value rewards at a low cost to TLC. The rewards are delivered via a technology-enhanced online portal developed in-house by The Super Marketing Group. Essential requirements for the solution included ease of use, the ability to instantly redeem rewards, world-class customer care, and the provision of additional marketing support.

“The Super Marketing Group loyalty programmes enable brands to make long-lasting connections with their customers, securing repeat business and long term loyalty.”
Lisa Davies
The Super Marketing Group


About The Super Marketing Group

The Super Marketing Group is a London-based marketing agency specialising in loyalty marketing solutions and bespoke subscription products. The Super Marketing Group’s marketing and technology professionals are passionate about delivering world-class customer experiences across various sectors and the nuanced clients and consumers within them.

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